Sentence Examples with the word Ditched

As soon as he had lost the tail, he was sorry, sorry he'd played games and ditched it instead of trying to find out who was following him.

Damian Transported himself before he ditched his mission for some quality time with his mate.

When the light bulb was cheaper and better, we ditched kerosene.

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He ran when Patsy ditched the Buick because she ran and he had no idea what was going on.

It was ditched and the couple ducked into a mall.

Xander looked up, not fully trusting the woman who raised and then ditched him.

Jonny sent another note, this one detailing the activities of Ashley's day down to the license plate number of the friend Ashley ditched school to meet.

The return trip from Grand Junction had taken Dean twice the usual two hours, a slalom of ditched autos, snow plows, ice and stopped traffic.

My parents ditched me.

Then you ditched your new honey and she's stupid enough to think that's a big loss and goes and hangs herself.