Sentence Examples with the word Disunited

When they might have won national independence, after their warfare with the Swabian emperors, they let the golden opportunity slip. Pampered with commercial prosperity, eaten to the core with inter-urban rivalries, they submitted to despots, renounced the use of arms, and offered themselves in the hour of need, defenceless and disunited to the shock of puissant nations.

But their colonies were democracies, disunited because each was pursuing its own special interests, while the French were united under despotic leadership. Frontenac attacked the Iroquois mercilessly in 1696 and forced these proud savages to sue for peace.

With his sons, especially with Richard, who claimed his French heritage in his fathers lifetime, and raised up enemies for the disunited Angevins even in Germany.

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He failed, however, to convince two prominent members of his cabinetLord Stanley and the duke of Buccleuchthat protection must be finally abandoned, and considering it hopeless to persevere with a disunited cabinet he resigned office.

According to the prevailing traditions, Saul at his death had left North Israel disunited and humiliated.

Until 1127, however, the Mahommedans of northern Syria were disunited among themselves.

The new constitution of the 10th of August 1772, which Gustavus imposed upon the terrified estates at the bayonet's point, converted a weak and disunited republic into a strong but limited monarchy, in which the balance of power inclined,.