Sentence Examples with the word Disulphide

Either they are placed in a leaden cupboard into which the vapour is introduced, or they are dipped for a few seconds in a mixture of one part of chloride of sulphur and forty parts of carbon disulphide or purified light petroleum.

PYRITES, a term applied to iron disulphide when crystallized in the cubic system, but used also in a general sense to designate a group of metallic sulphides of which this mineral is the most characteristic example.

The carbon disulphide and salicylic aldehyde products have also been used as means of distinction, as has also the formation of the stilbazonium bases obtained by condensing ortho-semidines with benzil (0.

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MARCASITE, a mineral with the same chemical composition as pyrites, being iron disulphide FeS2, but crystallizing in the orthorhombic instead of in the cubic system.

The foul gas leaving the scrubbers contains, as a general average, 30 grains of sulphuretted hydrogen, 40 grains of carbon disulphide and zoo grains of carbon dioxide per Ioo cub.

Thiel (Ber., 1905, 3 8, p. 2719 1910, 43, p. 1223), who heated sulphur with phosphorus in carbon disulphide solution with a trace of iodine to 120 0 -130 0.

At this point in the manufacturing process the gas has already undergone some important changes in its composition, but there yet remain impurities which must be removed, these being ammonia, sulphuretted hydrogen, carbon disulphide and carbon dioxide.

In the connexion between the first and the second box the gas is found to contain 500 grains of sulphuretted hydrogen and 80 grains of carbon disulphide per Ioo cub.

More or less pure disulphide of iron which occurs in large quantities in many countries.

In some cases the two forms of iron disulphide occur in intimate association and are difficult to distinguish.