Sentence Examples with the word Distrusted

The slow smile she distrusted spread across Darkyn's face.

Elizabeth herself at times distrusted her own revelations: there was no Cyriac in the list of the popes; Anthems, who was said to be his successor (235-36), died more than two centuries before Attila, to whom common report assigned the massacre; and it was hardly credible that James of Antioch could cut li,000 epitaphs in less than three days.

Little driblets of men might indeed be added to the numbers of the Franks; but the great bodies of crusaders either perished in Asia Minor, as in I ioi and 1147, or found themselves thwarted and distrusted by the native Franks.

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I guess I distrusted all men because of what Dad did.

But Garibaldi, who wished to keep a free hand, distrusted Cavour and scorned all counsels of expediency, refused to agree; Sicily was the necessary base for his projected invasion of Naples; it would be time enough to announce its union with Piedmont when Victor Emmanuel had been proclaimed king of United Italy in Rome.

But the queen thoroughly distrusted him, and in October 1851 his proposed reception of Kossuth nearly led to a crisis.

President Polk distrusted Taylor because of his supposed Whig views, and now began to express his dissatisfaction with the general's failure to take full advantage of his victories and his hesitancy to suggest a plan for the future conduct of the war.

For some years he was employed in bringing regiments which the government distrusted to order.

In 1568 he was appointed lieutenant-general to Don John of Austria during the suppression of the Morisco revolt in Granada, and he also accompanied Don John during the Lepanto campaign, his function being to watch and control his nominal commanderin-chief, whose excitable temperament was distrusted by the king.

In the course of time party strife became more bitter; real issues were lost sight of; and Papineau, falling in with the views of one O'Callaghan, who distrusted everything British, became an annexationist.