Sentence Examples with the word Distracting

It needs something light and not too distracting from the natural beauty of the room - something that would compliment the antique quality.

She stepped in between them again, distracting Alex to the point that Josh came close to hitting him.

These internecine disturbances had been unfavourable to any new departure in art, except in matters appertaining to arms and armour, and the strife between two puppet emperors for a shadow of authority in the 14th century brought another distracting element.

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Deidre's bucket list came to mind, distracting him from interpreting Fate's cryptic comparison.

He was sort of on edge, now that I think about it, like something was distracting him.

Wynn was brilliant at small talk, distracting her and making her laugh with his dry, morbid humor.

She shook her head as if to clear it of distracting thoughts.

Coke, who was principal spokesman, managed the case with great want of skill, incessantly allowing the thread of the evidence to escape, and giving the prisoners opportunity to indulge in irrelevant justifications and protestations which were not ineffectual in distracting attention from the real question at issue.

This was Zamon's plan, to offer Darkyn something capable of distracting him, of shifting his focus.

Italy only too often became the theatre of desolating and distracting wars.