Sentence Examples with the word Dispatched

Taran glared back and dispatched his attackers before hacking down the man between them.

Within a year he and a fellow missionary were dispatched from that place to Abyssinia to act as spiritual directors to the Portuguese residents.

In Brunn everybody attached to the court was packing up, and the heavy baggage was already being dispatched to Olmutz.

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Lubomirski, Bronnitski, Wlocki, and the others of that group stirred up so much trouble that Barclay, under pretext of sending papers to the Emperor, dispatched these Polish adjutants general to Petersburg and plunged into an open struggle with Bennigsen and the Tsarevich.

The ship was repaired by the New Zealand Government and dispatched under the command of Capt.

Having similarly explained his views and his magnanimity to Tutolmin, he dispatched that old man also to Petersburg to negotiate.

Two divisions under Di Giorgio had been dispatched to hold this line, but their march, at right angles to the line of the retreat and athwart the long streams of retiring troops and civilians, had been very difficult.

The Committee retained the support of the two army corps stationed at Salonika and Adrianople; and from these garrisons a force of 20,000 men was dispatched against Constantinople.

Your team is being dispatched on a new mission.

Two Alpine groups were already on the way to this critical point, having been dispatched the day before, but it was clear that Krauss would try to push through by this route, the shortest way to the Tagliamento.