Sentence Examples with the word Disobeyed

Corps for disobedience, the king thanked Manteuffel warmly for the part he had played, and then turned to the young brigadier who had disobeyed orders and congratulated him on having twice distinguished himself in the first fortnight of the war.

He had warned her how dangerous it was, but she had disobeyed him.

They were therefore recalled, tried and condemned to death, except two who had disobeyed the order to return to Athens.

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He was still upset because she disobeyed him.

Ed had suffered miserably for hours because she had disobeyed Alex.

After his return he was accused of having disobeyed the orders of the commanding officer, was tried by court-martial, and was acquitted.

I'm sorry I disobeyed you.

I disobeyed you and killed your horse.

But he disobeyed the command to be silent about the matter, and the result was that Jesus could not openly enter into the town, but remained outside in the country.

Threatened those who disobeyed this prohibition with excommunication.