Sentence Examples with the word Disease

There and in Lombardy the disease known as pellagra is most widely diffused.

Whenever these conditions are infringed his powers of resistance to disease are lessened, and certain tendencies begin to show themselves, which are generally termed constitutional.

Elimination of waste-products is one of the most important points in regard to health, and when this is interfered with by disease of the kidneys, the life of the patient is rendered more or less uncertain and the health frequently seriously impaired.

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He gained great credit when the yellow fever devastated Philadelphia, in 1793, by his assiduity in visiting the sick, and by his bold and apparently successful treatment of the disease by bloodletting.

Disease of the whole body may thus be produced by overaction or under-action of some part of it, but such causes of disease are slight as compared with the effect of external noxious influences, and more especially the effect of microbes.

Taking disease to be a deflexion from the line of health, the first requisite of medicine is an extensive and intimate acquaintance with the norm of the body.

A distinction must be drawn between the above and diseases, like syphilis and small-pox, in which the contagion of, not the tendency to, the disease is transmitted directly to the foetus in utero.

But the disease checked her progress in the acquisition of oral language, and, when her physical strength returned, it was found that she had ceased to speak intelligibly because she could no longer hear a sound.

The fatal disease known as anthrax did not form the subject of official returns previous to the passing of the Anthrax Order of 1886.

The disease spreads by the mycelium growing ever the epidermis of the plant.