Sentence Examples with the word Discussing

On the other hand, in discussing the ontological argument, Lotze commits himself to a moral a priori (below, ad fin.).

This seems too simple, and I cannot yet dismiss the caution my great-uncle - -and his son, my cousin - -took when discussing the creature.

She suspected both meeting the clan heads and the announcement to be big deals for a people with such rigid traditions, but A'Ran looked as if he were discussing the whereabouts of her translator.

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The group about Mortemart immediately began discussing the murder of the Duc d'Enghien.

Lyell, discussing the facts of zoological distribution, admits that the farther we go north.

There was no point in discussing that painful subject.

Prominent Democrats and a committee of the Convention having appealed for his release, Lincoln wrote two long letters in reply discussing the constitutional question, and declaring that in his judgment the president as commander-in-chief in time of rebellion or invasion holds the power and responsibility of suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, but offering to release Vallandigham if the committee would sign a declaration that rebellion exists, that an army and navy are constitutional means to suppress it, and that each of them would use his personal power and influence to prosecute the war.

His method was to travel over the country on foot and barefooted, in extreme poverty, simplicity and austerity, preaching and instructing in highways and villages and towns, and in the castles of the nobility, controverting and discussing with the heretics.

They refuted him easily on many specific points, but carefully abstained from discussing the real question, at issue, namely the propriety of free inquiry.

No purely astronomical enterprise was ever carried out on so Transits of P large a scale or at so great an expenditure of money and labour as was devoted to the observations of these transits, and for several years before their occurrence the astronomers of every leading nation were busy in discussing methods of observation and working out the multifarious details necessary to their successful application.