Sentence Examples with the word Discriminant

The discriminant, whose vanishing is the condition that f may possess two equal roots, has the expression j 2 - 6 i 3; it is nine times the discriminant of the cubic resolvent k 3 - 2 ik- 3j, and has also the expression 4(1, t') 6 .

A binary form which has a square factor has its discriminant equal to zero.

The discriminant of the product of two forms is equal to the product of their discriminants multiplied by the square of their resultant.

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This implies the vanishing of the discriminant of the original form.

The expression (ab) 4 properly appertains to a quartic; for a quadratic it may also be written (ab) 2 (cd) 2, and would denote the square of the discriminant to a factor pres.

For the quadratic it is the discriminant (ab) 2 and for ax2 the cubic the quadratic covariant (ab) 2 axbx.

And, dividing by y1y2...ym, the discriminant of f is seen to be equal to the product of the squares of all the differences of any two roots of the equation.

Discriminants.-The discriminant of a homogeneous polynomial in k variables is the resultant of the k polynomials formed by differentiations in regard to each of the variables.

This method of solution fails when the discriminant R vanishes, for then the Hessian has equal roots, as also the cubic f.