Sentence Examples with the word Disciplines

It is not till we come to Aristotle - the encyclopaedist of the ancient world - that we find a demarcation of the different philosophic disciplines corresponding, in the main, to that still current.

It is, indeed, only from the standpoint of such a theory that the definitions and divisions of the different philosophical disciplines adopted in this article can be said to hold good.

It was manifestly one of the disciplines in which a position of finality was attainable.

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Those on the Germanic mark and on the allodium and beneficium) were models of learning and sagacity, all were dominated by his general idea and characterized by a total disregard for the results of such historical disciplines as diplomatic. From this crucible issued an entirely new work, less well arranged than the original, but richer in facts and critical comments.

It has been well said that statistics furnish the means by which the railway manager disciplines his property; this is the aspect of control.

Amenable environments for the creation and presentation of electronic papers have emerged; however, more disciplines began to exploit them.

The order in which, for clearness of exposition, it will be most convenient to consider these disciplines will be psychology, epistemology or theory of knowledge, and metaphysics, then logic, aesthetics and ethics.