Sentence Examples with the word Discharging

An overflow is provided, discharging into the open air to allow the water to escape should the ball valve become defective.

Long, piercing the watershed and discharging 1600 cub.

The inlet opening of the pressure fan is in free communication with the outside air, the discharge connecting with the mine air-way; in the more generally used exhaust fan the inlet is connected with the airway, the fan discharging into the atmosphere.

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West of the Niger delta are several independent streams discharging into lagoons, which here line the coast.

Well as of discharging a charged electroscope (Com.

There are a large number of administrative departments and boards, some, like the Board of Trade, discharging the same duties as the similar department in England; others, like the Congested Districts Board, dealing with matters of purely Irish concern.

These, when fully open, are capable of discharging the ordinary maximum Nile flood of 350,000 cub.

The rest of his career, till his death on the 25th of April 1840, was almost entirely occupied in the composition and publication of his many works, and in discharging the duties of the numerous educational offices to which he was successively appointed.

The earliest scientific result of the study of plants was the recognition of the fact that the various parts of the body are associated with the performance of different kinds of physiological work; that they are, in fact, organs discharging special functions.

Besides discharging his duties in the theological seminary, he published two dissertations in Schleiermacher's and G.