Sentence Examples with the word Disc

Most of the larger species of marine Rhodophyceae are attached by means of a disc to rocks, stones or shells.

Which in structure resembles the vegetative stem in its primary condition, bears numerous verticils of bracts, those of each verticil being coherent in their lower part, so as to form a disc or cup, from the margin of which the free limbs of the bracts arise.

It generally takes the form of a single flattened disc as in the Fucaceae, or a group of fingerlike processes as in Laminariaceae, or a tuft of filaments as in many instances.

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When he returned, he opened the compact disc player, a recent indulgence they both enjoyed, and checked the selections before turning it on.

She was about to object when the disc beneath his feet levitated and launched them into the air.

The prisoner stepped into it, the disc soaring away once more.

He plugged in a Coltrane disc and then a Gerry Mulligan and laid back to commiserate with the perfect sound of it all while he closed his eyes and pretended he was happy.

The calyx, petals and stamens spring from above the ovary (o) in which two chambers are shown each with a pendulous ovule; d, disc between the stamens and stigmas.

His discussion of the effects of parallax in the transit of a planet over the sun's disc excited great interest, having appeared (in 1764) between the dates of the two transits of Venus that took place in the 18th century.

A waist-high bathtub and a round disc serving as an alien toilet, also waist-high, were on one wall.