Sentence Examples with the word Disbelieved

Stone, considered that his brother was in no peril, and for some time disbelieved in the need for a relief expedition.

Life after death was disbelieved or held as the existence of shades.

The statements of Jerome have been questioned or disbelieved on the ground of their intrinsic improbability.

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John Lyon, Swift's constant attendant from 1735 onwards, disbelieved the story.

Pierre absolutely disbelieved both the princess' hints and the letter, but he feared now to look at Dolokhov, who was sitting opposite him.

Charles both disbelieved and exposed him, whereupon Oates carried his tale before the House of Commons.

They talked of peace but did not believe in its possibility; others talked of a battle but also disbelieved in the nearness of an engagement.