Sentence Examples with the word Disbanded

On a promise that his rival should be held in custody he disbanded his men, and thus outwitted found himself virtually a prisoner.

And Hellas was cut short by the seizure of Messana by the disbanded Campanian mercenaries of Agathocles (c. 282), who proclaimed themselves a new people in a new city by the name of Mamertines, children of Mamers or Mars.

He entered the army of Henry IV., and served in Brittany under Jean d'Aumont, Francois de St Luc and Charles de Brissac. When the army of the League was disbanded he accompanied his uncle, who had charge of the ships in which the Spanish allies were conveyed home, and on reaching Cadiz secured (1599) the command of one of the vessels about to make an expedition to the West Indies.

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Upon its approach the prince regent fled, and the country was occupied by Junot, most of the Portuguese troops being disbanded or sent abroad.

The universal is the real; it is that which gives coherence and individuality to the particulars of sense which apart from it are like the routed or disbanded units of an army.

In 1865, however, after the Civil War, he broke with Garrison over the question of discontinuing the Anti-Slavery Society, and from that date until the society was disbanded in 1870 he, instead of Garrison, was its president.

He had after the siege of Miletus disbanded the GraecoMacedonian fleet, surrendering for the time all attempts of Alex- to challenge the command of the Aegean.

In 1875 a geological commission was organized under the direction of Professor Charles Frederick Hartt, but it was disbanded two years later.

Sent by Garibaldi to Tuscany, he attempted to invade the Papal States with a volunteer brigade, but his followers were disarmed and disbanded by Ricasoli and Cavour.

Wei-hai-wei was made the headquarters of a native Chinese regiment in the pay of Great Britain, and organized and led by British officers; but this regiment was disbanded in 1902.