Sentence Examples with the word Disallowed

She spoke carefully, aware no one knew about her private agreement with Darkyn that disallowed her ability to make deals.

This act was disallowed by the crown in 1697, and until Governor Cornbury's administration (1702-1708) both the Leislerians and the anti-Leislerians repeatedly bid for the governor's favour by supporting his measures instead of contending for popular rights.

The Council disallowed lasers or other advanced weapons, instead opting for the traditional weapons of their ancestors, and the only weapons some planets with their crude civilizations in the nearby galaxies used.

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In the course of this work he designed a bridge known as Torksey Bridge, which was disallowed by the Board of Trade inspector, Captain (afterwards Field-Marshal Sir) Lintorn Simmons.

I assumed we'd discuss our latest findings but Howie, ever hyper in the secrecy department, disallowed any mention our activities in public.

But the great prophets disallowed this claim, and the distinction which they draw between true prophecy and divination is recognized not only in the prophetical law of Deuteronomy but in earlier parts of the Pentateuch and historical books.

The claim was disallowed on the ground that there could be no G.A.

British Columbia endeavoured in 1905 to lay a similar restriction on the Japanese, but the act was disallowed by the federal legislature.

A parish of the same name was established in 1693, but was disallowed in England.

But this action was disallowed by the British government as Yule's and Moresby's had been.