Sentence Examples with the word Dion

One of the greatest losses in all Greek history is that:of the writings of Philistus (436-356), the Syracusan who had seen the Athenian siege and who died in the warfare between Dion and the younger Dionysius.

The narrative is of special value as supplementing Dion Cassius, whose history ends with Alexander Severus.

When Dion set sail from Zacynthus with the object of liberating Syracuse from the tyrannis, Philistus was entrusted with the command of the fleet, but he was defeated and put to death (356).

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It fell with the coming back of the xile Dion in The tyranny had lasted so long 3 5 7 Y Y g that it was less easy than at the overthrow of the elder tyrants to fall back on an earlier state of things.

Thus during the Peloponnesian War it served as a naval station for the Athenians, who again in 374 B.C. endeavoured to acquire it for a similar purpose; in 357 it became the headquarters of Dion on his expedition against Syracuse.

The sites of Pella and Dion were examined by the Greeks, and the French began to excavate the necropolis and theatre of Philippi in 1914.

Two hundred and fifty ships, said Dion (in a lost passage quoted by Jordanes), could ride at anchor in its harbour.

The time following the Dionysian tyranny was at Syracuse a time full of the most stirring local and personal interest, under her two deliverers Dion and Timoleon.

A siege and blockade, with confused fighting and alternate victory and defeat, and all the horrors of fire and slaughter, followed, till Dion made himself finally master of the mainland city.

It was here that Dion landed in 357 B.C., when he attacked Syracuse.