Sentence Examples with the word Dimethyl

The dimethyl ether or veratrol is also used in medicine.

Bamberger opposed Claus' formula on the following grounds: - The molecule of naphthalene is symmetrical, since 2.7 dioxynaphthalene is readily esterified by methyl iodide and sulphuric acid to a dimethyl ether; and no more than two mono-substitution derivatives are known.

A dimethyl ether of inactive inosite is dambonite which occurs in caoutchouc from Gabon.

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It combines directly with methyl iodide to form dimethyl coninium iodide, C10H22NI, which by the destructive methylation process of A.

Many organic arsenic compounds are known, analogous to those of nitrogen and phosphorus, but apparently the primary and secondary arsines, AsH2CH3 and AsH(CH3)2, do not exist, although the corresponding chlorine derivatives, AsCl2CH3, methyl arsine chloride, and AsCl(CH3)2, dimethyl arsine chloride, are known.

Pyrogallol dimethyl ether is found in beechwood tar.

The dimethyl arsine (or cacodyl) compounds have been most studied.

XYLENE, or Dimethyl Benzene, C6H4(CH3)2.

ACETONE, or DIMETHYL KETONE', CH3.CO.CH3, in chemistry, the simplest representative of the aliphatic ketones.

Noetling (Ber., 1885, 18, p. 2657), who investigated the nitro-, amino-, and oxy-xylenes in their relations to the three xylenes or dimethyl benzenes.