Sentence Examples with the word Dillon

This was due to the action of the Congested Districts Board in buying the Dillon estate and reducing all the rents without consulting the effect upon others.

Captain Peter Dillon at length ascertained, in 1828, that the ships of La Perouse had been wrecked on the island of Vanikoro during a hurricane.

ARTHUR RICHARD DILLON (1721-1807), French archbishop, was the son of Arthur Dillon (1670-1733), an Irish gentleman who became general in the French service.

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Hartshorne and Dillon have drawn attention to the important part played by the little Ligurian town, Altare, as a centre from which glass-workers migrated to all parts of Europe.

Having refused to accept the civil constitution of the clergy, Dillon had to leave Narbonne in 1790, then to emigrate to Coblenz in 1791.

He went over to France to meet Messrs Dillon and O'Brien, who had not yet taken sides, but nothing was agreed to, and in the end both these former followers went against him.

It was decided to check evictions by an Arrears Bill, and the three imprisoned members of parliament - Messrs Parnell, Dillon and O'Kelly - were released on the 2nd of May 1882, against the wishes of the Irish government.

Edward Dillon (Glass, 1902) has very properly laid stress on the importance of the enamelled Saracenic glass of the r3th, 14th and r 5th centuries, pointing out that, whereas the Romans and Byzantine Greeks made some crude and ineffectual experiments in enamelling, it was under Saracenic influence that the processes of enamelling and gilding on glass vessels were perfected.

Lafayette was to march against Namur, Biron against Mons, and Dillon against Tournay.