Sentence Examples with the word Dilated

But, doubtless, this noble savage fed strong and drank deep of the abounding element of air; and through his dilated nostrils snuffed in the sublime life of the worlds.

John Adams, when he succeeded Deane (recalled from Paris through Lee's machinations) joined in the chorus of fault-finding against Franklin, dilated upon his social habits, his personal slothfulness and his complete lack of business-like system; but Adams soon came to see that, although careless of details, Franklin was doing what no other man could have 1 The house is familiar from the drawing of it by Victor Hugo.

It is a dilated soft-walled tube, and leads behind into the short narrow rectum, which opens at the anus.

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Lyrata, is a large tree, chiefly found on swampy land in the southern states; the lyrate leaves are dilated at the end; the globose acorns are nearly covered by the tuberculated cups.

Some of the species are thoroughly aquatic and have fully webbed toes, others are terrestrial, except during the breeding season, others are adapted for burrowing, by means of the much-enlarged and sharp-edged tubercle at the base of the inner toe, whilst not a few have the tips of the digits dilated into disks by which they are able to climb on trees.

The head is almost entirely protected by hard bone; even the cheeks are cuirassed by the dilated infraorbital bones.

Her pupils dilated as he neared, her breath quickening.

The pupil is always dilated and insensitive to light.

Soon afterwards there is an accumulation under the epidermis of a serum derived from the dilated blood-vessels.

The tubes have their cavity dilated at intervals, and Penhallow has therefore compared them with the trumpet-hyphae of Laminariaceae, but no transverse septa are anywhere visible.