Sentence Examples with the word Dike

A little distance below this dike begins the artificial cutting in the sandstone rock and at half a mile from it is a second band, 60 yds.

In 1906 diamonds were found in a peridotite dike in Pike county 22 m.

The height of the dike ranges to 40 in.

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On the seaward side of the dike are some houses built on piles in the style of lake dwellings.

This island is joined to the mainland of Friesland by a stone dike constructed in 1873 for the purpose of promoting the deposit of mud.

These rise generally only a few feet above the level of the sea, and are crowned by a single house standing on an artificial mound and protected by a surrounding dike or embankment.

Another dike about 150 yds.

Were discarded in favour of the more useful hypothesis that he was Richard, dike of York, the younger of the two sons of Edward IV., murdered in the Tower.

In 1901 the government introduced a bill in the States General, based on the recommendations of the commission, providing for enclosing the Zuider Zee by building a dike from the North Holland coast, through the Amsteldiep to Wieringen and from that island to the Friesland coast at Piaam; and further providing for the draining of two portions of the enclosed area, namely the N.W.

This is afforded, either by means of a so-called sleeping dike (slaperdyk) behind the weak spot, as, for instance, between Kadzand and Breskens in Zeeland-Flanders, and again between 's Gravenzande and Loosduinen; or by means of piers or breakwaters (hoofden, heads) projecting at intervals into the sea and composed of piles, or brushwood and stones.