Sentence Examples with the word Dijon

CHARLES GRAVIER VERGENNES, COMTE DE (1717-1787), French statesman, was born at Dijon on the 10th of December 1717.

Of Dijon on the Paris-Lyon railway to Nevers.

It falls within the educational circumscription (academie) of Dijon and the military circumscription of the XX.

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Of Dijon by the Paris-Lyon railway.

The academy of Dijon offered a prize for an essay on the effect of the progress of civilization on morals.

Hs body was first buried at Montereau and afterwards removed to the Chartreuse of Dijon and placed in a magnificent tomb sculptured by Juan de la Huerta; the tomb was afterwards transferred to the museum in the hotel de ville.

During the middle ages the fortunes of Dijon followed those of Burgundy, the dukes of which acquired it early in the 11 th century.

Prieur died at Dijon on the 11th of August 183 2.

At Dijon his compositions attracted the attention of an inspector, who had him placed (1814) in the normal school, Paris.

In the wars of religion Dijon sided with the League, and only opened its gates to Henry IV.