Sentence Examples with the word Dignities

Honours and dignities were now showered upon him.

After his release the emperor had restored his dignities to him, and his assumption of the electoral arms and title prevented any arrangement with Maurice.

If, however, a prince of Wales and duke of Cornwall should die in the lifetime of the sovereign, leaving a son and heir, both dignities are extinguished, because his son, although he is his heir, is neither a king of England nor the first-begotten son of a king of England.

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But it is more probable that Cesare, who contemplated exchanging his ecclesiastical dignities for a secular career, regarded his brother's splendid position with envy, and was determined to enjoy the whole of his father's favours.

Such, however, struggle of was not their policy; on the contrary, they needed a the Caroking to act as agent for their private interests, since he alone could invest their rank and dignities with - 2).

Courtenay was restored to his dignities and estates in 1485 by Henry VII., whom he had accompanied to England, and he died on the 23rd of September 1492.

The resettlement of dignities made in Babylon in 32 3, while it left the eastern commands practically undisturbed as well as that of Antipater in Europe, placed Perdiccas (whether as regent or as chiliarch) in possession of the kings' persons, and this was a position which the other Macedonian lords could not suffer.

The retention of the old duality of dignities was the one reminiscence of the original separation.

The brief struggle over, Otho returned in triumph to the camp, and on the same day was duly invested by the senators with the name of Augustus, the tribunician power and the other dignities belonging to the principate.

First came the French princes, namely, the brothers of the emperor; six grand imperial dignities were also instituted, viz.