Sentence Examples with the word Digested

The dialkyl thioureas when digested with mercuric oxide and amines give guanidines.

The story told to Herodotus of its destroying snakes is, according to Savigny, devoid of truth, but Cuvier states that he discovered partly digested remains of a snake in the stomach of a mummied ibis.

A new biographical collection, the Gallery of Eminent Persons of Scotland (1799), was succeeded after a short interval by a Modern Geography digested on a New Plan (1802; enlarged, 1807).

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When digested with fuming hydrochloric acid for some time it is converted into ad furfurane dicarboxylic acid (see Furfurane); while on heating with barium sulphide it is transformed into a - thiophene carboxylic acid (see Thiophene).

Thus, a number of copper-tin alloys when digested with hydrochloric acid leave the same crystalline residue, which on analysis proves to be the compound Cu 3 Sn.

The smooth walls above the liquid afford no foothold, and they are drowned; their bodies are digested and the products of digestion are ultimately absorbed by the glands in the pitcher-wall.

From public men in all parts of the country he received such a store of suggestions as came to no other man, digested it, and was enabled by means of it to speak with what seemed infallible wisdom.

And from these, digested in their proper rank and subordination, to draw out one uniform law of the church is the purport of this book.

In 1 In the absence of experiments it is assumed that wheat is digested like other foods of the same class.

Later the nitrogen-content of the nodule decreases, most of the organisms, which are largely composed of proteid material, becoming digested and transformed into soluble nitrogenous compounds which are conducted to the developing roots and seeds.