Sentence Examples with the word Diffracted

The extremely small particles of dust (motes in a sunbeam) in the rays are made perceptible by the diffracted light, whilst by ordinary illumination they are invisible.

In this way it is only possible for diffracted rays to enter the objective.

For the alteration of wave-length entails, at the two limits of a diffracted wave-front, a relative retardation equal to mndX.

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This can be done by cutting off the chief maximum and using only the diffracted spectra for producing the image.

The occurrence of sin 4 as a factor in (6) shows that the relative intensities of the primary light and of that diffracted in the direction B depend upon the condition of the former as regards polarization.

Consider now the light diffracted in a direction many times more oblique than any with which we should be concerned, were the whole aperture uninterrupted, and take first the effect of a single small aperture.