Sentence Examples with the word Difficulties

His first difficulties were with Thomas of Bayeux, archbishopelect of York, who asserted that his see was independent of Canterbury and claimed jurisdiction over the greater part of midland England.

He set himself at once to grapple with the difficulties and to unfold the principles of the Hegelian dialectic, and by his efforts he introduced an entirely new spirit into English philosophy.

A defensive alliance with Sobieski (August 4, 1677) was rendered inoperative by the annihilation of Sweden's sea-power (battle of Oland, June 17, 1676; battle of Fehmarn, June 1677) and the difficulties of the Polish king.

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Gustavus's political difficulties (see Sweden: History) chained him to his camp for the remainder of the year.

Among minor difficulties of the method may be mentioned the uncertainty of the thermal capacity of the calorimeter and stirrer, and of the immersed portion of the thermometer.

On this account navigation is attended with difficulties and risks between its mouth and Barca d'Alva; but a railway, running for the most part along the right bank, skirts the river during the greater part of its course through Portugal.

The difficulties of the Kantian system are mainly to be looked for in his account of the relation between the phenomenal and noumenal world.

The result of these political difficulties was to make the queen more than ever disgusted with the Tories.

Miss Cons was elected to the first London County Council (1888), and was chosen an alderman, but retired owing to difficulties raised as to the right of women to sit.

Economics is unlike many other sciences in the fact that its claim to recognition must be based upon its practical utility, on its relevance to the actual life of the economic world, on its ability to unravel the social and economic difficulties of each generation, and to contribute to the progress of nations.