Sentence Examples with the word Diego

Between 1524 and 1535 Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro had completed the conquest of Peru, which was followed, however, by a long period of strife among the Spaniards, and of rebellions.

But Alphonso did not use his freedom to act legibus solutus except against such hoary and incorrigible intriguers as Don Juan ci Tuerto or the Caballero Diego Gil, whom he beheaded with seventeen of his men after promising them security for their lives.

Pio Perez (in Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan) and in the remarkable 16th century Relation de las cocas de Yucatan by Diego de Landa, published by Brasseur de Bourbourg (Paris, 1864).

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Several unsuccessful attempts were made to regain the town, but finally, in September 1692, Diego de Vargas quietly secured the fresh submission of the Indians.

Below San Francisco the precipitation decreases along the coast, until at San Diego it is only about io in.

The main authorities for the early history of the Barbary states are: - Luis del Marmol Carvajal, Description de Africa (Granada, 1573); Diego de Haedo, Topographia e Historia General de Argel (Valladolid, 1612); and Pere Pierre Dan, Histoire de Barbarie et de ses corsaires (Paris, 1637).

It is believed that Diego de Ordaz was the first European to reach the summit of Popocatepetl, though no proof of this remains further than that Cortes sent a party of ten men in 1519 to ascend a burning mountain.

Because of these explorations, and also the long-felt need of a refitting point on the California coast for the galleons from Manila, San Diego was occupied in 1769 and Monterey in 1770 as a result of urgent orders from Charles III.

Afterwards he became acquainted with the young Castilian, Diego Laynez, who had heard of him at Acala and found him out in Paris.

Of the southernmost point of San Diego Bay; this line has a total length of 1810 m., of which the Rio Grande comprises 1136 and the land route 674 m.