Sentence Examples with the word Dictionaries

Of modern Hungarian dictionaries the best is that of the Academy of Sciences, containing 110,784 articles in 6 vols., by Czuczor and Fogarasi (Pest, 1862-1874).

The early dictionaries of Muspratt and Watts are out of date; there is a later edition of the latter by H.

See the liturgical and ecclesiastical dictionaries of Martigny, Migne, and Smith and Cheetham, sub voce, where all the scattered references are collected together and summarized.

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There are, moreover, HungarianFrench dictionaries by Kiss and Karady (Pest and Leipzig, 18 441848) and Babos and Mole (Pest, 1865), and English-Hungarian dictionaries by Dallos (Pest, 1860) and Bizonfy (Budapest, 1886).

For Christian altars, reference is best made to the articles on the subject in the dictionaries of Christian and liturgical antiquities of Migne, Martigny, Smith and Cheetham, and Pugin, where practically all the available information is collected.

Ladd, In Korea with Marquis Ito (London, 1908); Dictionaries and vocabularies by W.

Other and more general dictionaries for German scholars are those of Marton, Lexicon trilingue Latino-Hungarico-Germanicum (Vienna, 1818-1823), A.

See Biblical Dictionaries of Hastings and Cheyne, s.v.; Jew.

Most dictionaries contain an engraving of the manual letters.

Modern dictionaries of the older Rabbinical writings have been made by J.