Sentence Examples with the word Dickens

Clovelly is described by Dickens in A Message from the Sea.

Charles Dickens had an early acquaintance with Southwark, as his father was confined in the Marshalsea, one of several prisons here.

Later Dickens was a prominent member.

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That would be a dickens to solve.

A small apartment is by immemorial tradition shown as his birth-room, bearing on its whitewashed walls and its windows innumerable signatures of visitors, among which such names as Walter Scott, Dickens and Thackeray may be deciphered.

While I can buy all this as possible, it would be the dickens to prove it.

Just as they reached the outside and were nearly at the parking lot, Fred let out a yell, startling the dickens out of Dean.

He used the occasion of Charles Dickens's first visit to America to urge international copyright, and was one of the few editors to avoid alike the flunkeyism with which Dickens was first received, and the ferocity with which he was assailed after the publication of his American Notes.