Sentence Examples with the word Dibasic

With the anhydrides of dibasic acids it yields fluoresceins (q.v.).

The recognition of the polybasicity of acids, which followed from the researches of Thomas Graham and Liebig, had caused Williamson to suggest that dibasic acids could be referred to a double water type, the acid radical replacing an atom of hydrogen in each water molecule; while his discovery of tribasic formic ether, CH(OC 2 H 5) 3, in 1854 suggested a triple water type.

CH 2 CH 2 ' and from the condensation of ethyl oxalate with esters of other dibasic acids in presence of sodium ethylate (W.

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Chem., 1904, 42, p. 87) regards it as a dibasic acid, ZrOS04 S04H2, and that the crystalline sulphate is ZrOS04 S04H2.3H20 (not Zr(S04)2.4H20).

It is a dibasic acid.

The ketones are obtained by the dry distillation of the calcium salts of dibasic saturated aliphatic acids (J.

Stereo-isomerism may occur: the simplest examples are the dibasic acids, where a cis- (maleinoid) form and a trans- (fumaroid) form have been observed.

When oxidized this aldohexose is first converted into the monobasic galactonic acid, and then into dibasic mucic acid; the latter is optically inactive, so that its configuration must be one of those given in the sixth and seventh columns of the table.

Sulphuric acid, being a dibasic acid, forms two series of salts with monovalent metals: an acid sulphate, Mhso 4, and a normal sulphate, M 2 50 4.

It is very explosive, dissolves readily in water and behaves as a dibasic acid.