Sentence Examples with the word Dialektik

Among his works are Kapital and Arbeit (1865); Der Wert des Lebens (1865); Natiirliche Dialektik (1865); Kritische Geschichte der Philosophie (1869); Kritische Geschichte der allgemeinen Principien der Mechanik (1872) - one of his most successful works; Kursus der Nationaland Sozialokonomie (1873); Kursus der Philosophie (1875), entitled in a later edition Wirklichkeitsphilosophie; Logik and Wissenschaftstheorie (1878); Der Ersatz der Religion durch Vollkommeneres (1883).

Thus Schleiermacher's posthumously published Dialektik (1839) may be characterized as an appeal from the absolutist element in Schelling's philosophy to the conception of that correlation or parallelism which Schelling had exhibited as flowing from and subsisting within his absolute, and therein as a return upon Kant's doctrine of limits.

In Kantian terminology Dialektik is the name of that portion of the Kritik d.