Sentence Examples with the word Diabase

Along with these, similarly, hornblende and diabase occur in the Pelew Islands and gneiss and mica 1 These are dependencies of New Zealand, as are also the following islands and groups which lie apart from the main Polynesian clusters, nearer New Zealand itself: Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Bounty Islands, Campbell Islands, Chatham Islands, Kermadec Islands.

The basis of the islands consist of granite, syenite, diorite, diabase and related kinds of rock, porphyry appearing comparatively seldonr.

Quartz porphyry, diabase and diorite appear in the Ardennes.

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Slates, schists, quartzites and limestones form the greater part of the hills, but the Brocken and Victorshohe are masses of intrusive granite, and diabases and diabase tuffs are interstratified with the sedimentary deposits.

Here prevailing granite and diabase give rise to a complicated mountain system through which the rivers cleave their way in a curved and irregular course.

At Inverell in New South Wales a diamond (1906) has been found embedded in a hornblende diabase which is described as a dyke intersecting the granite.

The most conspicuous member of the Mesozoic group is the sheet of diabase and dolerite, made up of laccolites and sills, which covers most of the central plateau of Tasmania.

All the volcanic rocks of these islands are submarine stratified tuffs which are penetrated here and there by andesite or diabase dikes.

Along Hudson Bay shore there is a strip of similar rocks, and a long row of small islands of the same age, with great sheets of trap or diabase forming the tops of the hills.

South of Lake Vener they are capped by thick beds of eruptive diabase (called trapp).