Sentence Examples with the word Deys

Under Deys and Beys alike Tunisia was essentially a pirate state.

Algiers was a walled city from the time of the deys until the close of the 19th century.

From 1631 to 1702 the office of Bey was hereditary in the descendants of Mural, a Corsican renegade, and their rivalry with the Deys and internal dissensions kept the country in constant disorder.

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The Turkish governors were in the 17th century replaced by deys (see below, History).

Ibrahim, the last of the Deys (1702-1705), destroyed the house of Mural, and absorbed the beyship in his own office; but, when he fell in battle with the Algerians, Hussein b.

The kasbah was begun in 1516 on the site of an older building, and served as the palace of the deys until the French conquest.

In Algeria the deys of the janissaries became in the 17th century rulers of that country (see Algeria: History).

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The government of the Deys lasted till 1705, but vas soon narrowed or overshadowed by the authority of the Beys, whose Beys.