Sentence Examples with the word Devoured

Pyramus, believing that she had been devoured by the lion, stabbed himself.

Soon after their arrival at the Jardin d'Acclimatation, some of the axolotls spawned, but the eggs, not having been removed from the aquarium, were devoured by its occupants.

In the same pamphlet as the Sunday Epistle was published the legend of St Sisoe and sometimes that of Avestitza, - the former saved the children of his sister from the attacks of the devil, who had devoured them and had to restore them alive; the latter is the female child-stealing demon, who is prevented by an angel from carrying out her evil design.

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He had delayed mentioning the subject, knowing the old man, who devoured crime in the printed form and imagined it everywhere else, would stomp all over this real dilemma like a peasant in a wine vat.

Cynthia devoured every publication she could find on the subject and was looking forward to spending some quality time hiking the high country, if the demand of Bird Song's chores would allow snatches of free time.

Cold, by some means or other, causes the pigment-bodies to shift from the normal positions, and to transfer themselves to other layers of the hair, where they are attacked and devoured by phagocytes.

Some bacteria, such as those of anthrax, are seized upon in the same manner, indeed; very much as small algae and other particles are incorporated and devoured by amoeba.

I read my first connected story in May, 1887, when I was seven years old, and from that day to this I have devoured everything in the shape of a printed page that has come within the reach of my hungry finger tips.

The men silently devoured their food and then helped her clean up the camp.

She devoured the steaks.