Sentence Examples with the word Devonian

The Devonian period, as in Victoria, was marked by a series of granitic intrusions, which altered the older beds on the contact, while the quartz-porphyry dikes, which are intrusive in the Silurian rocks at the Mount Bischoff tin mine, doubtless belong to this period.

The first species of the genus, Nematophycus Logani, was discovered by Dawson in 1856 in the Lower and Middle Devonian of Canada, and was described by him as a Conifer under the name of Prototaxites.

In 1849 he became curator of the Natural History Museum at Wiesbaden, and began to study the Tertiary strata of the Mayence Basin, and also the Devonian fossils of the Rhenish provinces, on which he published elaborate memoirs.

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The Lower Devonian beds are in the main terrestrial, or coarse littoral deposits, and volcanic rocks.

Solenopsis; Devonian to Trias.

The faunas of the early Devonian seem to have entered what is now the interior of the United States from the mid-Atlantic coast.

In the Lahn district of Nassau (Germany) there are phosphate beds in Devonian rocks.

Brixham Cave, called also Windmill Hill Cavern, is a wellknown ossiferous cave situated near Brixham, on the brow of a hill composed of Devonian limestone.

The fossil plants which are found in the upper beds of the preceding Devonian system are so closely related to those in the Lower Carboniferous, that from a palaeobotanical standpoint the two form one indivisible period.

There is an older series, ranging from the Devonian to the Cretaceous, which is folded and faulted and forms all the higher hills, and there is a newer series of Tertiary age, which lies nearly horizontal and rests unconformably upon the older beds.