Sentence Examples with the word Deutsche

Luchaire, Manuel des instituticns francaises (Paris, 1892); P. Guilhiermoz, Essai sur l'origine de la noblesse en France au moyen age (Paris, 1902); Brunner, Deutsche Rechtsgeschichte, Band ii.

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In our first glimpse of Teutonic institutions, as given us by Tacitus, this older nobility appears as strictly immemorial (see Waitz, Deutsche Verfassungsgeschichte, i.185 sq.), and its immemorial character appears also in the well-known legend in the Rigsmal-saga of the separate creation of jarl, karl and thrall.

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The more recent experiments of Lasche (Zeitsch, Verein Deutsche Ingen., 1902, 46, 1881) show that the product of the coefficient of friction, the load on the bearing, and the temperature is approximately constant.

Huffer, Alfred von Reumont (Cologne, 1904); and the same writer's article in the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, Band xxviii.

Numerous banks of world-wide reputation, doing an extensive international business, have their seats in Berlin, chief among them, in addition to the Reichs-bank, being the B erliner Kassen-Verein,theDiskon toGesellschaft, the Deutsche Bank, and the Boden-Kredit Bank.

Rogelse) seem to belong to the Christian period (Grimm, Deutsche Mythologie, i.

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In 1887 he removed to Berlin and founded the fortnightly review Deutsche Dichtung.

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