Sentence Examples with the word Deuteronomy

Its treatment of the monarchy is only part of a great and now highly complicated literary undertaking (traceable in the books Joshua to Kings), inspired with the thought and coloured by language characteristic of Deuteronomy (especially the secondary portions), which forms the necessary introduction.

However, the books of Deuteronomy and Jeremiah (cf.

The book of Deuteronomy crystallizes a doctrine; it is the codification of teaching which presupposes a carefully prepared soil.

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These books are the result of an intricate literary process, on which see Bible (Old Testament: Canon), and the articles On the separate books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua).

The great stature of Og is explained in the passage of Deuteronomy mentioned by the statement that he was of the remnant of the aboriginal Rephaim.

It may be observed however that the absence of a definite date in Deuteronomy must be accidental, since a common pilgrimage feast must be on a fixed day, and the reference to the seven weeks elapsing between Passover and Pentecost also implies the fixing of the date.

Rabbinic erudition could not forget the repression of vicious desires in the tenth commandment, the stress laid in Deuteronomy on the necessity of service to God, or the inculcation by later prophets of humility and faith.

Petri epistolam (1641), and also his commentaries on Genesis (1637) and on Deuteronomy (1658).

In the Deuteronomic book of Kings) independently confirms the inferences drawn from Deuteronomy itself.

This is perhaps the same as the Bezer mentioned in Deuteronomy and Joshua as a levitical city and a city of refuge.