Sentence Examples with the word Detroit

A very large proportion of the inhabitants of Detroit own their homes: there are no large congested tenement-house districts; and many streets in various parts of the city are faced with rows of low and humble cottages often having a garden plot in front.

In July, before the Americans were ready, Brock seized Mackinac at the head of Lake Huron; and on the 16th of August Detroit in the channel between Huron and Erie was surrendered.

During the War of 1812 he served under General William Hull, whose surrender at Detroit he strongly condemned, and under General W.

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The Jay Treaty was ratified in the same year, and in 1796 the British finally evacuated Detroit and the Maumee and Sandusky forts.

To the two viaducts across the valley of the Cuyahoga river were added three others, of which the most noteworthy is the High Level bridge, connecting Superior avenue on the east with Detroit avenue on the west.

With Detroit Avenue on the W.

By lakes Huron, St Clair and Erie, and the St Clair and Detroit Rivers, which separate it from Ontario; S.

By the Treaty of Paris, in 1783, which concluded the American War of Independence, the title to what is now Michigan passed to the United States, and in 1787 this region became a part of the North-West Territory; but it was not until 1796 that Detroit and Mackinac (Michilimackinac), in accordance with Jay's Treaty of 1794, were surrendered by Great Britain.

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M., a small area as compared with other cities near it in population - Detroit (36 sq.