Sentence Examples with the word Destiny

Individuals are thought of as members of a family, state or religion, rather than as entities with a destiny and rights of their own.

Carmen arranged for the twins and Destiny to stay with Grandma Reynolds so that she wouldn't be distracted when her guests arrived.

By the time she finished showering and dressing, Alex had Destiny ready.

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Alex helped her put them in bed before Destiny latched on to him.

Nay, at last his evil destiny pursued him to the battlefield and his own home.

Carmen thought Destiny was getting better because she was no longer coughing.

Setting Destiny back on the changing table again, Carmen pushed a shoe back on her foot and tickled her under the arm.

We didn't have Jonathan when he was an infant, and there was so much sadness at the time Destiny was born.

With a little more deliberation in the choice of their pursuits, all men would perhaps become essentially students and observers, for certainly their nature and destiny are interesting to all alike.

Carmen kissed Destiny goodnight and shut the door to their room.