Sentence Examples with the word Desmond

If 'the earl had known how to profit by this victory, he might now have successfully withstood the English power in Ireland; for in every part of Ireland - and especially in the south, where James Fitzthomas Fitzgerald with O'Neill's support was asserting his claim to the earldom of Desmond at the head of a formidable army of Geraldine clansmen - discontent broke into flame.

The earl of Desmond having shown rebellious tendencies was detained for six years in London.

When it was too late to act with effect, Desmond himself, a vain man, neither frankly loyal nor a bold rebel, took the field.

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A few of his followers who landed were cut off, and he went on to Ireland to join the earl of Desmond in Munster.

The title of Sugan or straw-rope earl has been generally given to the Desmond pretender.

He was more or less encouraged by the earls of Desmond and Kildare.

Ormonde, who was in London, could alone restore peace; all his disputes with Desmond were at once settled in his favour, and he was even allowed to resume the exaction of coyne and livery, the abolition of which had been the darling wish of statesmen.

The Dominican Abbey, of the 13th century, has Early English remains of great beauty and a tomb to Edmund, the last of the White Knights, a branch of the family of Desmond intimately connected with Kilmallock, who received their title from Edward III.

The destruction of their crops starved the people into submission, and the contest was only less terrible than the first Desmond war because it was much shorter.

Both ends of the island were soon in a blaze, and the Four Masters says that in seventeen days there was not one son of a Saxon left alive in the Desmond territories.