Sentence Examples with the word Designating

MONARCHIANISM, a theological term designating the view taken by those Christians who, within the Church, towards the end of the 2nd century and during the 3rd, opposed the doctrine of an independent personal subsistence of the Logos.

The township, now practically built over by the city, contained originally several separate villages, the names of which are still used as a convenience in designating corresponding sections of the municipality: Old Cambridge, North Cambridge, Cambridgeport and East Cambridge, the last two being manufacturing and commercial centres.

Faqir - names originally designating only the mendicant orders).

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Yn) as an origin; a term designating especially the co-ordinates of a heavenly body referred to this origin.

In 1846 an act was passed designating slaves as apprentices bound to service until discharged by their owners, and providing that children of 1 The election to the U.S. Senate in 1865 of John Potter Stockton (1826-1900), a great-grandson of Richard Stockton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, created hardly less excitement than the Broad Seal War.

The seven chief judges so elected, together with one elected from the city of Baltimore, constitute the court of appeals, the governor with the advice and consent of the senate designating one of the eight as chief judge of that court.

HELIOCENTRIC referred to the centre of the sun (i)Xtos) as an origin, a term designating especially co-ordinates or heavenly bodies referred to that origin.

The name appears in Domesday, the suffix designating -the former insular, marshy character of the district; while the prefix is generally taken to indicate the name of a Saxon overlord, Beormund.

To answer this one must bear in mind what Fichte intended by designating all philosophy Wissenschaftslehre, or theory of science.

Linnaeus' invention of binomial nomenclature for designating species served systematic biology admirably, but at the same time, by attaching preponderating importance to a particular grade in classification, crystallized the doctrine of fixity.