Sentence Examples with the word Des

Bis zum letzten Viertel des XV.

After his death his published and unpublished writings were collected and published (with the exception of Les Cours royales des Iles Normandes and Lettres de Gerbert) in two volumes called Questions merovingiennes and Opuscules inedits (1896), containing, besides important papers on diplomatic and on Carolingian and Merovingian history, a large number of short monographs ranging over a great variety of subjects.

The philosophy of history sketched in this work has something of value with much that is fantastic. In 1805 and 1806 appeared the Wesen des Gelehrten (Nature of the Scholar) and the Anweisung zum seligen Leben oder Religionslehre (Way to a Blessed Life), the latter the most important work of this Berlin period.

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This is the last of the buildings and rubbish which encumbered the temple before the expropriation and clearances by the Service des Antiquites began in 1885.

Schiller, Geschichte des riimischen Kaiserreichs unter der Regierung des Nero (1872); E.

He was elected in 1865 a member of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres.

The incident reawakened the interest which had early been aroused in the young Corsican by converse with the savant Volney, author of Les Ruines, ou meditation sur les revolutions des empires.

Birkeland, Expedition norvegienne 1899-1900 pour l'etude des aurores boreales (Christiania, 1901); (20) Terrestrial Magnetism, vol.

It contains numerous illustrations; maps of the routes of the ancient aqueducts and the city of Rome in the time of Frontinus; a photographic reproduction of the only MS. (the Monte Cassino); several explanatory chapters, and a concise bibliography, in which special reference is made to P. d Tissot, E tude sur la condition des agrimensores (1879).

Hommel, Grundriss der Geographie and Geschichte des alten Orients (1904); Mitteilungen der deutschen Orientgesellschaft (1899).