Sentence Examples with the word Dermot

A licence to enlist allies among the Welsh marchers, Dermot secured the aid of the Clares and Geraldines.

See The Song of Dermot and the Earl, an old French Poem (by M.

The injured husband called to his aid Roderic, the high king (airdrigh) of Connaught; and in 1166 Dermot fled before this powerful coalition to invoke the aid of England.

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The historical importance of Dermot lies in the fact that he was the means of introducing the English into Ireland.

To Richard Strongbow, earl of Pembroke and head of the house of Clare, Dermot gave his daughter Eva in marriage;.

Early in the next spring Dermot iied, and Earl Richard, in virtue of his marriage, claimed the kingship of Leinster.

The town was several times plundered by the Danes in the 9th century; it was laid waste by Dermot O'Brien in 1071, and was burned in 1137.

He could not spare attention for the matter, but gave Dermot leave to enlist auxiliaries among the turbulent barons of the South Welsh Marches.

The Conquest of Ireland was republished in 1892 by Goddard Henry Orpen, under the title of The Song of Dermot and the Earl (Oxford, Clarendon Press).

For Irish affairs the Song of Dermot (ed.