Sentence Examples with the word Deputed

If the bamboo begins to turn round in the hands of the relative who is deputed to hold it, it is regarded as a sign that the soul of the moribund has returned (see Automatism).

Agents of the American Colonization Society in England having succeeded in deceiving leading Abolitionists there as to its character and tendency, Garrison was deputed by the New England Anti-Slavery Society to visit England for the purpose of counteracting their influence.

As Savonarola resolutely declined the trial, the Franciscan deputed a convert, one Giuliano dei Rondinelli, to go through the ordeal with Fra Domenico.

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This duty was confided to a body called the College College of of Deputed Councillors (het Kollegie der Gekommitteerde Deputed Raden), which was itself divided into two sections, Council- one for the south quarter, another for the north lors.

When it was not in session he was a permanent member of the college of deputed councillors who carried on the administration.

In 1431 he was deputed by John II., king of Castile, to attend the council of Basel, in which he made himself conspicuous by his learning.

The nobles protested, and Egmont was deputed to go to Madrid and try to obtain from the king a mitigation of the edicts and redress of grievances.

Turner was deputed to Bhutan, with a view of promoting commercial intercourse, but his mission proved unsuccessful.

In 1889 he entertained at Hissarlik a committee of archaeological experts, deputed to examine B6tticher's absurd contention that the ruins represented not a city, but a cremation necropolis; and he was contemplating a new and more extensive campaign on the same site when, in December 1890, he was seized at Naples with an illness which ended fatally on the morning of Christmas Day.

The Commons did, and when the House imprisoned the gentlemen deputed by the freeholders of Kent to present a petition asking that its loyal addresses might be turned into bills of supply, it simply advertised its weakness to the whole country.