Sentence Examples with the word Depreciated

An interest which has become lost after the sacrifice, during the subsequent course of the voyage, will pay nothing; an interest which has become depreciated will pay in proportion to the diminished value.

States had seriously depreciated the national credit.

Epicurus himself had not apparently shared in any large or liberal culture, and his influence was certainly thrown on the side of those who depreciated purely scientific pursuits as onesided and misleading.

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He is judged harshly by contemporary writers, as simplex and insufficiens; but Dodu (in his Histoire des institutions du royaume de Jerusalem) suggests that Guy was depreciated because the kingdom had been lost in his reign, in much the same way as Godfrey of Bouillon was exalted because Jerusalem had just been won at his accession.

International commercial transactions were based on the American gold dollar, which was usually worth loo pesos of this depreciated currency.

In a few years the bank failed, and the state in 1831 borrowed money to redeem the depreciated notes issued by the bank.

Civil servants, who were paid in this depreciated scrip, suffered considerable distress.

The fall in prices was aggravated, first by the unpropitious weather and deficient harvest of the years 1816, 1817, and still more by the passing in 181 9 of the bill restoring cash payments, which, coming into operation in 1821, caused serious embarrassment to all persons who had entered into engagements at a depreciated currency, which had now to be met with the lower prices of an enhanced one.

The great economic changes which depreciated the value of the king's domain contributed towards the result.

Erasistratus, instead of following Hippocrates as Herophilus did, depreciated him, and seems to have been rather aggressive and independent in his views.