Sentence Examples with the word Deprecated

While in opposition he devoted special attention to naval affairs, and in speeches that attracted much notice declared that the function of the French navy was to secure and develop colonial enterprise, deprecated all attempts to rival the British fleet, and advocated the construction of commerce destroyers as France's best reply to England.

Collier deprecated the extent of the authority assumed by the patron and the servility of the poorer clergy.

Nilus, the disciple and defender of Chrysostom, permitted the symbol of the cross in churches and also pictorial delineations of Old and New Testament history, but deprecated other symbols, pictures of martyrs, and most of all the representation of Christ.

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When the war came, he took his stand, with the bulk of the Labour leaders, on the national and patriotic side; but, like many of them, deprecated the introduction of compulsory service, until it should be clear that the necessary men could be got in no other way.

Though she deprecated excess of ascetic severity in others, she scourged herself habitually, and wore a peculiarly painful haircloth.

Holding moderate religious views, he deprecated alike the extremes represented by Puritanism and Roman Catholicism.

His acquittal was to be deprecated as establishing a dangerous precedent in regard to outrages on the sovereign.

He deprecated general confessions and demanded that the individual must lay bare the recesses of his heart.

The architect is said to have been a Coptic Christian who deprecated the destruction of ancient buildings to obtain columns and blocks of stone, and who undertook to design a mosque which should be built entirely in brick, which when coated with stucco and appropriate decorative designs would rival its predecessors.

He advocated freedom of the corn trade, reduction of the number of religious communities, and deprecated regulation of the interest on loans.