Sentence Examples with the word Depots

In order to keep down the expense of shunting the empty trains and engines to and from the platforms the carriage and locomotive depots should be as near the passenger station as possible; but often the price of land renders it impracticable to locate them in the immediate vicinity and they are to be found at a distance of several miles.

The Ersatz consists exclusively of young men, who would in war time be drafted to the regimental depots and thence sent, with what training circumstances had in the meantime allowed, to the front.

They are of three kinds: - (i) Depots de mendicite (beggars' depots); (2) maisons de refuge (houses of refuge); and (3) ecoles de bienfaisance (reformatory schools).

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Aeneas Mackintosh, brought an auxiliary expedition to lay out depots on the Barrier to facilitate the latter part of Shackleton's march from the Weddell Sea via the South Pole.

Bangor is one of the largest lumber depots in the United States, and also ships considerable quantities of ice.

The large depots of stores at Assuan, Halfa and Dongola could only be cursorily supervised by British officers, and yet when the stores were received at the advance depot the losses were infinitesimal.

In 1816 Fort Crawford was erected - it was rebuilt on a different site in 1829 - and in 1820 one of the principal depots of the American Fur Company was established here.

Based on rivers (the navigation of which greatly improved) and the sea, he formed depots or magazines of provisions at many points, which enabled him always to take and keep the field.

It possesses depots for artillery and mines, a meteorological observatory and a signalling station.

From 1776 to 1780 two depots for military stores and a workshop for the Continental army were maintained, and the leaden statue of George III., erected in Bowling Green, New York City, in 1770, and torn down by citizens on the 9th of July 1776, was cut up and taken to Litchfield, where, in the house (still standing) of Oliver Wolcott it was melted into bullets for the American army by Wolcott's daughter and sister.