Sentence Examples with the word Deposed

For this unfriendly act he was deposed and replaced by Biren, who had previously been duke of Courland (1737-40) and had since been an exile in Siberia and Yarosla y.

Summoned before the imperial court of justice, Albert refused to appear and was placed under the ban; while the order, having deposed the grand master, made a feeble effort to recover Prussia.

His capricious humour elevated and deposed them with the same disconcerting suddenness.

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Naturally, when the see of Rouen next fell vacant (1067), the thoughts of the electors turned to Lanfranc. But he declined the honour, and he was nominated to the English primacy as soon as Stigand had been canonically deposed (1070).

Otto soon showed his intention of breaking with the policy of his father, who had been content with a nominal superiority over the duchies; in 937 he punished Eberhard, duke of Franconia, for an alleged infringement of the royal authority; and in 938 deposed Eberhard, who had recently become duke of Bavaria.

Florence, in extreme terror, deposed the gonfalonier, and opened her gates to the princes of the house of Medici.

Bahrain deposed the vassal king of the Persian part of Armenia and made it a province.

Twice Kossuth deposed him from the command; twice he had to restore him.

A short time afterwards Artabanus was deposed again, and a certain Cinnamus was proclaimed king.

Early in 984 the king was seized by Henry II., the Quarrelsome, the deposed duke of Bavaria, who claimed the regency as a member of the reigning house, and probably entertained the idea of obtaining the kingly dignity himself.