Sentence Examples with the word Denton

Not that Denton would have remembered right now, anyway.

The only way Denton was going to accept the termination of their engagement was if she publicly announced it, and that was what she would have to do as soon as she returned.

Surely Denton hadn't found her already.

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Either Dad or Denton had sent him to spy on her.

No, the conversation hadn't degenerated, though Denton certainly would have insisted so.

But Denton was relentless.

Turning first one way and then the other in front of the mirror, she tried to decide what it was about the dress that Denton found so objectionable.

Of course, Denton wasn't physically attracted to her - nor was she to him.

Of course, Denton was no fool.

If this hadn't been an engagement party for Denton and Clarissa, she would have stayed at home.