Sentence Examples with the word Dentary

Asia and Central America is remarkable for having the dentary bones loosely attached to the apex of the elongated articular bone.

Dpx, Dentary process of prePalatine process of pre maxilla.

In the lower jaw of most of the Ecaudata the symphysial cartilages ossify separately from the dentary bones, forming the so-called mento-meckelian bones; but these symphysial bones, so distinct in the frog, are less so in the Hylidae and Bufonidae, almost indistinguishable in the Pelobatidae and Discoglossidae, whilst in the Aglossa they do not exist any more than in the other orders of batrachians.

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The dentary elements of the mandible.

The maxillary and dentary bones carry teeth on their whole length.

The most remarkable feature is the dentary bone, which is movably attached to the much-elongated articular bone (cf.